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We are Robgeleen.  Our portmanteau is better than yours.

Robgeleen are now proud puppy parents! Please welcome our new baby, Sookie.

Sookie Adoption Announcement

Celebrating 5 years of marriage! 4/16/16

Our portmanteau is better than yours.


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Block-Buster Quilts - I Love Nine Patches: 16 Quilts from an All-Time Favorite Block
liked it
I deducted two stars because these quilts are not my personal taste. They are pretty quilts, just not what I like to sew or display in my home. That being said, the book is put together very well. It is a short book, but still includes 1…
The Winter of Our Discontent
liked it
The pet names and “conversations” with the groceries drove me crazy. It’s Steinbeck so it was occasionally very good. I felt that the story was too drawn out. I don’t understand why the main character needed not one, not two, but three g…
Brother, I'm Dying
it was amazing
I’m not much of a memoirs person, but I really enjoyed this book. Danticat’s writing style makes the book flow more like a really touching, fictional story than an autobiography. I knew shockingly little about Haiti before reading this a…
The Girls
liked it
It is a decent book, but the level of hype surrounding it is unwarranted. My favorite part is the way the author understands young women and puts that understanding into words via the thoughts of the main character. I especially liked he…




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