Birmingham, AL

December 30, 2017 by Angie

Hurricane Irma, oh my god. What a jerk. It messed up our house and took years off of our lives. We evacuated to Birmingham, AL in early September because we were told a Category 5 hurricane was definitely coming to wipe our house off the map. In good news, Birmingham turns out to be a pretty cool place. We tried our very hardest to make the best of our evacuation trip while compulsively checking the storm track.

Somewhere in Georgia
Somewhere in Georgia

Cuthbert, GA

Somewhere else in Georgia

Robbie drove us for many hours with Sookie in the backseat. She was a good girl except for the time she tried to fight a bellhop.

We stayed at the only dog-friendly hotel we could find with a room left, the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel. The people who work there were very good to us, but it wasn’t the best location and getting to the car in the parking garage or outside to walk Sookie from the hotel room was an ordeal.

Sheraton Birmingham Hotel

Food We Ate

We had breakfast at the Harvest Restaurant and Bar in the Redmont Hotel nearby. It was a very pleasant, quiet, calm breakfast.

Omelet, a soy latte, and the best potatoes

You know we won’t pass up a chance to eat at Mellow Mushroom. My parents and Sookie came too. It was a really good Mellow Mushroom and we would know because we’ve been to them all over the country.

Mellow Mushroom drinks

Mellow Mushroom drinks

Outdoor seating at Mellow Mushroom
We sat outside on the front patio.

We had fantastic vegan hot dogs at Hot Diggity Dog.

Hot Diggity Dog Tots and a veggie dog
And tots!

Time is a flat circle
Time is a flat circle.

Urban Standard is a coffee/breakfast place where I got a very fine soy latte and grits. Robbie didn’t love his tofu scramble thing and none of the food was photogenic. The place itself is cute, however.

We got takeout from New China Town and it was everything I wanted it to be. Vegetable dumplings, fried rice, and General Tso’s tofu!

Closeup of our foul, hotel living and amazing, fried tofu.

New China Town

Drinks We Drank

We loved Paramount Bar, a video game bar with great drinks.

We had some impressive drinks at the The Atomic Lounge.

I love the Angela Davis Room

This bar has the same aesthetic as Fiona Apple’s Criminal video, but a lot more #woke.

We had such great fries at the adorable Carrigan’s Public House!

The outside is so cute

Robbie at the bar

Places We Went

We took Sookie for a walk around Railroad Park.

Railroad Park

Railroad Park

Railroad Park

Robbie and Sookie at Railroad Park

Railroad Park

Robbie did some out-of-state beer shopping at Hop City.

Hop City

I had to check out the Birmingham Public Library. The central library was very close to our hotel.

The Atwood/Austen section

We walked through Red Mountain Park with my parents and Sookie. The park wasn’t done in the way I am used to, spoiled as I am by Florida state parks. It was pretty though and I’m glad we went and did not in fact get lost (although we almost did) or fall down a big hill (which 3 out of 5 of us came very close to doing).

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