Bottling Day: Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA

April 16, 2013 by Angie

The time to bottle the beer has come and gone. We didn’t have any helpers this time and we were trying to keep the room dark for the beer’s sake so the photo quality really suffered.

Everyday IPA after 2 weeks

This is what the beer looked like after fermenting for two weeks.

First we had to sanitize everything including all the used beer bottles.

Clean bottles

 Clean beer bottles and a jug of sanitizer.

Next we dissolved three tablespoons of honey into a half cup of water and poured that into a sanitized pot. Then we tried to use the setup that came with kit to pump the beer out of the carboy and into the pot with the honey mixture without carrying all the sediment over. The kit setup is tubing with a (crappy) clamp and a racking cane. It didn’t work out so we switched to the auto-siphon setup I bought because I read a lot of reviews where people said the kit’s plan didn’t work for them. Auto-siphon is far superior!

Once the beer was in the pot with the honey mixture we had to re-sanitize the auto-siphon and tubing then pump the beer/honey mixture into bottles. We got eight bottles total.

Happy bottler

Happy worker bottling his beer using the auto-siphon.

Next Robbie sanitized the bottle caps and used the neat bottle capping machine I bought as part of his birthday brewing set to clamp the caps onto the bottles.

Neat bottle capper

Neat bottle capping machine

Capping the bottles

Capping away

Now we wait two weeks while these precious babies sit in the darkness of our spare bedroom. I’ll be back to report on their drinkability!

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