bourbon tofu

January 3, 2013 by Angie

I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade now but back when I used to eat chicken I LOVED the bourbon chicken from the mall food court. I did some searching for a recipe for that sauce and found several on different sites that were pretty much the same. Since there appeared to be a bourbon sauce consensus, I went with this one from

Bourbon tofu

I followed the directions except for the simmer the excess sauce for 20 minutes then pour it over rice part.  Instead I stir fried some vegetables and poured the sauce over them towards the end. The sauce is so good – sweet and spicy. Rolling the tofu pieces in flour and getting the oil nice and hot before adding the tofu to the pan made them crisp and firm on the outside and full of tasty marinade on the inside. The whole meal was pretty flipping delicious but really doesn’t taste like the mall chicken. Oh well, I’m not sad. It’s so good that it will join our stir fry repertoire anyway.


  1. Leo says:

    I’m going to try vegetarianism for a month some time this year. I’m collecting recipes now and I’m definitely going to try this tofu dish!

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