Brewing Day: Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA

April 1, 2013 by Angie

On Saturday we completed step one of our first batch of homebrew. We are using a one gallon kit made by Brooklyn Brew Shop to brew their Everyday IPA. (Robbie exclusively and very selectively drinks IPA.) Our friends Conner & Tessa came over and helped out. Our puppy Sookie was here too to supervise/interfere/cute it up.

Here’s a photo of the kit box with the ingredients that came inside. It came with almost everything needed to brew the beer, but not quite. We had to get some of our own equipment in addition to the kit including a six quart stock pot (you really need 3 big pots to accomplish this), a bottle of StarSan sanitizer, a gallon of distilled water, a spray bottle, a metal funnel, and a fine mesh strainer. We used a slotted metal spoon, measuring cup, measuring spoons, and two big pots that we already had. We also bought some stuff for the bottling step which happens in two weeks but I’ll blog about that when the time comes.

Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit. You’re looking at the grain, the hops, and the yeast.

Brooklyn Beer Shop’s detailed instructions and an instructional video are available on their website so I won’t bore you with the all the details here. Enjoy a rundown of the major steps with photos!

1. Wash and sanitize EVERYTHING.

Dramatic Sanitization

 Robbie dramatically sanitizing the mesh strainer.

2. The Mash: Cook the grain in water while keeping the temperature within the desired range.

The Mash

3. The Sparge: Collect the wort from the watery grain mash then recirculate the collected wort through the grain one more time.

The Sparge

 Robbie straining the wort.

Sookie supervises

 Sookie supervises the homebrewing process.

4. The Boil: Boil the wort and add the hops in stages. At the end of the boil, you give the wort an ice bath.

The Boil

 The wort is spinning with newly added hops.

Ice Bath

 Here’s the ice bath we created in the sink. We had to get it to down to 70 degrees before the next step.

5. Fermentation: The last part of Day 1 involves pouring the wort through a strainer and funnel into the gallon fermenter then pitching in the yeast and shaking it around. After that, we set up a blow-off tube ending in a bowl of sanitzier and put the future beer in a dark, safe place. On Tuesday we’ll switch the blow-off tube for the airlock and two weeks from Saturday we get to move on to bottling.

Tessa holds the strainer

Tessa holds the strainer while Robbie pours the beer-to-be into the fermenter.

Action shot: shaking the yeast

Robbie shakes the yeast “aggressively”, as instructed.

That’s all for now – more in about two weeks when we bottle the beer!

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  1. Andrew says:

    The master brewer making it look easy.

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