cashew butter oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies

February 5, 2012 by Angie

White chocolate was the theme for Week 3 of Reddit’s 52 Weeks of Baking Challenge.  Cute Husband and I prefer our chocolate dark but I couldn’t allow myself to flunk the challenge on only the third week.  I took some ideas and proportions from several cookie recipes I browsed online and developed these beauties.

Cashew Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I prefer to keep my baking vegan even though we aren’t vegans.  I have heard tale of vegan white chocolate so I made a serious effort to locate some in time.  I went to our nearby chain grocery store, three smaller health food stores, and Whole Foods.  Nothing.  So to complete the challenge I bought white chocolate chips with some milk ingredients in them.  It’s not like I don’t eat ALL THE CHEESE anyway, right?  If you are vegan, you can just use the same amount of dark chocolate chips, obviously.

And now the recipe.

1/2 c Earth Balance margarine

1/3 c cashew butter

1 c brown sugar

1/4 c white sugar

2 flax eggs (4 tbsp flax meal & 6 tbsp water mixed together)

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 c unbleached all-purpose flour

1/4 c whole wheat flour

1 c quick cooking oats

1/2 tsp baking soda

3/4 c dark chocolate chips

1/4 c white chocolate chips


In a small bowl, make your flax eggs by combining the 6 tbsp water and 4 tbsp flax meal.  Let them sit there and get goopy while you work on the next step.

In the largest bowl you can fit inside your microwave, nuke the margarine and cashew butter just until it’s melty.

Add both sugars and the goopified flax eggs to the melted margarine/cashew butter mixture and stir.  Next add in the vanilla extract.

Now you can start adding the dry ingredients right into the same large bowl.  Stir in the flours, oats, and baking soda.  Once it looks like cookie dough fold in both types of chips.

Make the dough into little balls (generous tbsp sized?) and place them spaced apart onto a cookie sheet.  I baked them at 325 for 10 minutes then turned the baking sheet around in the oven so that the cookies in the back were in the front and baked another 6 minutes.

Yield: 20 healthy-sized cookies

I am pretty in love with these.  We had our friend over for dinner and she agreeably taste tested.  She and Cute Husband are big fans too. I love that these use cashew butter and flax to hold them together rather than oil.


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