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    June 13, 2012 by Angie

    This past weekend we made our longest road trip yet to Atlanta – everyone’s favorite Southern megatropolis! We came for a Xiu Xiu concert, to visit friends, and to eat all the food/drink all the drinks. The concert was cancelled at the last minute but we had a great time anyway.

    We stayed at Regency Suites Hotel in Midtown near Piedmont Park. We got an awesome deal through Kayak on a gigantic suite with a kitchen. It’s in a great location just a block from the Midtown MARTA station and near a lot of restaurants and bars.

    Our only complaint about the hotel is that we could hear everything going on in the surrounding rooms and outside. The people in the room across from ours the first night were very loud and kept opening and closing their hotel room door which sounded like our door opening. On the last night, fire engines from the fire station down the street kept Robbie up but we can’t really fault the hotel for that. Overall, we’d recommend this hotel. Huge rooms, great location in a walkable neighborhood, very clean, and free breakfast!

    For Saturday night we were planning on seeing Xiu Xiu at the Earl but since that was cancelled we went out in Little Five Points with long-time best buddy Lindsey who lives in Atlanta. We went to a great brewpub for dinner called the Wrecking Bar. They have a full bar, they brew their own beer, and they have great vegetarian options. Robbie enjoyed the house IPA called Victor IPA. All three of us ordered the seitan veggie gyro and were not disappointed. I wish I had taken a picture. The fries were really good too.

    Next we walked to Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream in the Edgewood shopping plaza. Cute Husband and I were too full/lactose intolerant to get our own ice cream but I had a taste of Lindsey’s and it was quite fancy. It smelled amazing in there. After that we walked back toward Euclid Avenue and stopped at Tijuana Garage for a drink. I had a skinny margarita of some kind. It was pretty tasty and I liked that it was served to me in a little cactus glass. They have a nice deck but we didn’t eat there so I can’t vouch for the food.

    After that we walked to the Porter Beer Bar. They have so many beers! Robbie was in heaven. It’s a really cute place and was quite busy so it seems to be well-loved by many. They also have a full liquor bar and a kitchen so I was happy too. We were still too full to eat but the Belgian fries looked really good.

    The next day we had brunch at Lindsey’s adorable apartment. She made hash browns and baked brie with fancy bread, fruit, and avocado slices. Again, I wish I had taken a picture. It was really a pretty spread. Brunch was delicious and she even had real cloth napkins for us to use! She is way more sophisticated than I could ever hope to be.

    On our way back to our hotel we stopped at Trader Joe’s. We stocked up on inexpensive wine and some non-perishable foods like blueberry bars, almond butter, and gourmet popcorn that cost a lot less there than what we usually pay. That store is so cheap! There were so many things in the cold sections that I coveted but alas it was not meant to be. The whole time we were shopping I kept thinking how much I wish we had one here. Just looked at their website and a store is opening up in Sarasota soon! Still about an hour away from home but great news!

    We dropped the groceries and car off at the hotel and took a ride on Atlanta’s public transportation system, MARTA, to Downtown Decatur. Cute Husband was impressed with how easy and fast it was. We got from our hotel to the Decatur station in less than half an hour, probably closer to 20 minutes.

    A train at the Midtown station.

    MARTA map

    Robbie waiting for the train with our necessary and giant umbrella.

    We walked around Downtown Decatur then took a little hike to the Thinking Man Tavern. We really loved this place. It’s adorably decorated and they have tons of board games for their customers to play.

    Thinking Man Tavern in Decatur, GA

    Robbie ordered a giant bottle of Moylan’s Hopsicle Imperial Ale billed as “the hoppiest beer on the planet.” I got a Hurricane made with Rogue dark rum. Lindsey met us there and we ate delicious gouda cheese dip while playing Trivial Pursuit.

    Lindsey and Angie enjoying a round at Thinking Man Tavern.

    Next we rode with Lindsey to the Dekalb Farmers Market in horrible flash flood style rain. The Dekalb Farmers Market is an enormous, permanent, warehouse-like structure with every kind of food/ingredient imaginable. We bought some beer and chocolate-covered pistachios and cashews to take home with us. They have an extensive cheese section and bakery and neat things like fresh pasta. Again, I wish we had something like this near our house.

    After the market we made our way to the Brick Store for dinner and drinks. This was a favorite place of mine when I briefly lived in Decatur. Great beer selection for Cute Husband, full bar for me, and awesome veggie burgers, vegetarian sides, pierogies, and soft pretzels for everyone. We weren’t hungry enough to eat anything but the veggie burgers but I remember the soft pretzels and pierogies fondly.

    We got a late start on Monday morning and missed the free breakfast at the hotel. We decided to take a short walk to the Flying Biscuit Cafe for brunch. We passed the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum on the way.

    <3Gone with the Wind 4ever<3

    The Flying Biscuit Cafe is the queen bee of the bustling Atlanta brunch scene. There are several locations and you can expect to wait over an hour at each of them for brunch on the weekend. Luckily, it was Monday and we didn’t have to wait for a table. We both ordered the tofu scramble which was tasty but a tad watery and too heavy on the mushrooms. Cute Husband said the tofu scramble I make is way better – awwww. Their housemade biscuits smothered in cranberry apple butter can’t be beat though.

    Before heading back to the hotel we took a stroll through the beautiful and gigantic Piedmont Park. I’m truly impressed by how impeccably manicured and trash-free this park is considering its size.

    One park entrance

    A lovely path through the park

    Hey look, horses!

    Later on Monday we went to Lindsey’s apartment and walked with her to a sushi restaurant in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood called Harry & Sons. We were still full from brunch so we just had drinks. Lindsey’s sushi looked good though and she is a regular and vouches for the greatness of this place.

    After some hanging out and drinking we worked up enough of an appetite to walk less than a block from our hotel to Chinese Buddha. This was probably my favorite meal of the trip. Chinese Buddha is a 24 hour Chinese restaurant with meat offerings as well as a full vegetarian menu, meaning any Chinese dish you could ever want is available there made with fake meat.

    Robbie ordered the house fried rice with fake chicken, pork, and shrimp. Yes, I said “fake shrimp.” They even put little pink stripes on them so that it looks like the real thing. I got the General Tso’s Chicken. I’m pretty sure the “chicken” was made of seitan. I loved this dish so much. Robbie really liked his too even though it was so realistic that it made him a little freaked out at first.

    We dropped our copious leftovers at the room then walked over to Cypress Street Pint & Plate. We were really impressed with this place. Their house IPA is made by local brewery Sweetwater and is only three dollars. Our bartender was really nice and made me a delicious skinny margarita with agave nectar. We were so full of Chinese food that we couldn’t even consider eating again but we were sad about that because they had some really enticing things on the menu including nachos topped with vegan chili and a vegan fajita wrap. The bar has a great neighborhood feel but still seems quite upscale.

    On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Mac’s Beer and Wine across the street. Robbie added more beers which cannot be found in Florida to the ones he already picked up at Trader Joe’s and the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. This store has a lot to choose from and must be a convenient treat for people living in the Midtown neighborhood.

    For our last night in town we drove to Zucca Pizza in Smyrna to meet some friends who moved to Marietta, GA earlier this year. The pizza was so good! We ordered our usual – tomato, garlic, and spinach with a side of marinara sauce – and it was amazing. Robbie got another Sweetwater beer on draught which is a treat for a Floridian. My skinny margarita was not so great unfortunately but our friend ordered a red sangria that looked really good. A poker tournament started up around us at 9:00 pm and we saw that they offer other events during the week including triva.  Overall, seems like an awesome place with way better than average pizza. It was great to see our friends – so glad they recommended this place.

    After checking out of our hotel on Tuesday morning we made one final beer run at a store nearish Georgia Tech called Hop City. Robbie was happy with the IPAs available and bought a few. The guy who helped us seemed to really know beer and was quite jealous of our proximity to the Cigar City Brewery. Cute Husband packed the trunk of the Prius with a grand total of seven different unavailable-in-Florida beers in various amounts. Here’s a photo of the loot at home.