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March 23, 2013 by Angie

The craft room is (pretty much) ready! It’s a small room and the lighting is wonky so I really struggled to get photos that do it justice. Here it is!

view from the dorr

 This is the view from the doorway. My quilting table is against the left wall with my cabinet full of supplies and yarn behind it.

from the door

 The ironing board with my current work in progress is to the right.

supplies & yarn

 A better shot of the supplies cabinet with my rulers and cutting mat leaning against it.

quilting table

Here is my quilting table and shiny new sewing machine! My parents got the table for me for my birthday and Robbie helped me (read: did almost everything himself) put it together. Thanks, family!

fabric & books

This photo is taken from the back of the room in front of the window. You can see my fabric stash on my old baker’s rack, the closet where my scrapbooking supplies are stored (and clothes and a bunch of other junk I didn’t feel was worthy of a photo), and one of our bookshelves holding an ancient tv. Behind the ironing board is the “exercise corner” with the good ol’ elliptical machine.

fabric stash & machine cover

A closeup of my fabric stash.

I’ve been working on my first quilt in the craft room and moving things around to fit the work space as I go. Everything is pretty functional so far but I think I need some art on the walls and probably a brighter lamp for cutting fabric on overcast days.

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  1. I don’t quilt, but if I did, I’d have “quilt table envy!” It looks like you have a very nice craft room – congratulations!

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