cross stitch snowflake ornament

October 7, 2013 by Angie

This was my third and easiest cross stitch. I searched for a snowflake pattern and came across this article from Good Housekeeping with a cute and very simple pattern.

snowflake ornament

I “framed” it in the hoop and tied a red ribbon on top to make it a Christmas ornament. It works up very quickly and I think it’s adorable. I would definitely recommend this if you like to cross stitch and are short on ornaments for your own tree or homemade Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Cross Stitch Snowflake Ornament

I finished my other two cross stitch projects by putting them in frames. I wasn’t too sure how to make this look finished inside the hoop. I couldn’t find too much in the way of instructions online either so I just winged it. I cut the Aida cloth as close to the hoop as I could. Then I placed a piece of red fabric under the hoop with the cross stitch design facing up. I traced around the hoop onto the fabric with a fabric pen. I cut the fabric out along the line with scissors. I put a small amount of fabric glue on top of the edge of the Aida cloth that was sticking up on the back then I placed the fabric circle on top of that. After I was sure it was dry, I used scissors again to cut out any pieces of red fabric that hung over the edge and could be seen from the front. I think an X-Acto knife is the solution for getting a perfect circle but since it’s just the back of the ornament I feel fine with how it turned out using this method.

Back of the ornament


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