Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

November 4, 2012 by Angie

After hearing great things about Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, we decided to go this year. Every fall, Epcot holds a festival in the World Showcase area with booths offering small plates, beer, wine, and mixed drinks from different countries. We went in mid-October with our friends “Contessa” and had so much fun that we used our last Disney passes to go again for our dating anniversary on November 1.

Robgeleen on the tram to Epcot. Photo courtesy of Tessa.

Robbie made several trips to the Craft Beer tent both times we visited. This booth and the one in the American Experience area had IPAs so the guys were happy about that.

Conner & Robbie pose in front of hops on the vine at the Craft Beer booth.

Tessa & me sharing a frozen boozy drink on a hot, hot day.

When we went back just the two of us I was determined to get some photos of the great food for the blog. I was so excited to eat my Trick’n Chick’n Curry from Terra though that I started chowing down before I remembered to take a photo.

Terra is a new booth they just started this year starring two small plates made with Gardein products. The Trick’n Chick’n Curry was an amazing, slightly spicy, tomato-based sauce over a fake chicken cutlet and white rice. I loved it. Robbie got the other plate, the Colorado Chili with Gardein Beefless Tips. It contained nuts but the workers didn’t know which nut(s) so I had to skip it but he really liked it. They also offer a really great pinot noir by Paul Dolan at Terra. I hope they keep this booth for future years because the food was so good and without it there wouldn’t be enough options for vegetarians (and I’m pretty sure there would be absolutely nothing for vegans).

Tied with Terra for the best food was the booth simply called Cheese. We had the fondue and the trio of cheeses and they were both great. I want to also mention a really good cheese plate at the Ireland booth which I failed to photograph in our cheese fervor.

Epcot failed pretty hard on the allergen information front but I give them props for noting the vegetarian dishes with a green V.

Trio of artisan cheeses: blue cheese, goat brie, and cheddar in cheese honey

In addition to the festival booths, we went to a few Epcot restaurants that are permanent parts of the park which are worth mentioning. We stopped in at the Rose and Crown Pub in the United Kingdom pavilion a few times where we got very modestly priced (for a theme park) drinks and watched everybody else be very excited about their fish and chips. The outdoors restaurant in Mexico is also pretty good. I like their margarita on the rocks and their guacamole. The very best though is Via Napoli, the pizzeria in the Italy pavilion. We had the most delicious pizza there.

Robbie digs into the amazing pizza at Via Napoli

Because we went on a Thursday it wasn’t very crowded and we got to go on two of the more popular rides: Soarin’ and Mission: SPACE (starring Lieutenant Dan!). Both were fun although Mission: SPACE was a little scary – they psych you out about how much you’re going to barf the entire time you’re in line.

Overall, we had a really great time both times that we went. If you want to try a lot of food and drinks, it gets pricey but for a once a year special outing I definitely think the festival is worth it.


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  1. That looks like such a good time. It is definitely on my bucket list to go to Epcot. Never been to a food and wine festival either but they always look like such fun.

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