French 75 popsicles

September 1, 2014 by Angie

I came across this BuzzFeed article about boozy ice pops and it got me thinking. We bought this set of six groovy ice pop molds made by Tovolo. I got right to work on a French 75 popsicle with vodka because I don’t care for gin.

all 5 French 75 popsicles

Yields 5 adult popsicles.


16 oz champagne
5 oz vodka
2 oz lemon juice
1 tbsp agave nectar
maraschino cherry juice

French 75 ice pop


Pour everything into a pitcher and stir. (I used a bowl with a spout thing on the rim.) Set the ice pop forms in the tray. Fill five forms to the top. Place the stick/lids on. Freeze…until frozen.

Sookie is intrigued.

Verdict: They taste great but, WOW they pack a punch. My ice pop was melting very quickly so I felt I had to eat it very quickly. There are more boozy popsicle creations in my future, however. I’m already thinking about recipes for mimosa popsicles and vodka gimlet popsicles. I think ice pops with a lower alcohol content will stay frozen longer and work out better. I will report back!

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