garlicky thyme tempeh

October 15, 2013 by Angie

This is one of many great recipes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz/The Post Punk Kitchen that I make semi-regularly. It’s fast, healthy, and we both love to eat it.

garlicky thyme tempeh

 Garlicky Thyme Tempeh

garlicky thyme marinade

This is the marinade. I try to marinate the tempeh in this for at least an hour.

I follow her recipe except for a few little changes. I never have fresh thyme so I use about one tablespoon of dried thyme. I also don’t own white balsamic vinegar so I use one tablespoon of regular balsamic instead as she suggests. I tried her tempeh steaming technique once on a different recipe and I found it adds a lot of time to the recipe but doesn’t make the tempeh taste or feel any different in my opinion. I’ve been skipping that part and going right to the marinating and I think it tastes great that way. I like the flavor of tempeh anyway so I see no need to “take away the beaniness”.

tempeh with a side salad

 We ate it with a yummy side salad.

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