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March 18, 2014 by Angie

Our four year old buddy is turning five next month. He is really into boats and pirates. His parents and grandma have been working on an awesome nautical theme room for him including a ship loft bed! I wanted to contribute with a matching pillow. I added a pocket with an appliquéd “D”  to the front that he can use to exchange teeth for money with the tooth fairy, once that time comes.

tooth fairy pocket

I sewed together four strips of fabric to create the front of the pillow. Then, I basted the pillow front, the batting, and the scrap backing fabric together and free motion quilted it.

quilted pillow front

 Second time free motion quilting

This was my first time doing appliqué so I carefully followed this great machine appliqué tutorial from Pile O’ Fabric. It was extremely helpful. I printed out an alphabet from there and traced the capital D onto some freezer paper. I ironed some Heat N Bond Lite onto the back of a piece of the sailboat fabric then ironed the freezer paper D to the front. I cut the D out carefully then removed the paper backing from the Heat N Bond and the freezer paper. I stuck the D onto the piece of white fabric that would become the pocket and ironed it on. After some practicing with my machine on scrap fabric, I machine appliquéd all around the letter then tidied it up by pulling the thread ends from the front to the back and tying them off.

D applique

D  before appliqué

I made a lined pocket out of the white fabric. I sewed the two pieces (the one with the D appliqué and another the same size) right sides together leaving just a small space open. I turned the pocket out then top stitched it to the pillow top.

D applique

 Pretty good for a first try!

The last step was sewing the two hemmed backing pieces to the pillow by stitching all the way around. Turn it right side out, shove a 16 inch pillow form in there, and you’re ready for the tooth fairy!

envelope pillow back

Back of the pillow

The Quilted Pillow Stats

Finished size: for a 16″ pillow form
Quilted pillow top fabrics: Coastal Mini Series Royal Sailboats, Barnegat Bay Blue Loop Rope, Barnegat Bay Red Loop Rope
Batting: Warm and White
Quilt back fabric: about 20″ x 20″ piece of scrap fabric (nobody will see it)
Pocket fabric: Northcott Colorworks White Premium Solid
“D” appliqué: Coastal Mini Series Royal Sailboats
Pillow envelope backing: Barnegat Bay Loop Rope in Blue and Red

Completed pillow!

Completed pillow with the Florida winter in the background


  1. Yvette says:

    So cute! My JoJo is 6 and so anxious to lose his first tooth. This would make a really sweet gift, if you’re inclined to sew n sell! 😉

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