oatmeal whole wheat quick bread

August 31, 2012 by Angie

Week 35’s challenge is bread. I made a popular recipe from AllRecipes.com for oatmeal whole wheat quick bread. It was ridiculously quick. There was no yeast or kneading involved and it baked up fast so all told I spent maybe 25 minutes making this bread.

It yields a small, incredibly dense loaf of tasty, hearty bread. I skipped the processing the oats step as did many of the commenters on that site and it still held together.

If I make it again I will definitely lower the temperature and bake for longer. I baked at 430 degrees (instead of 450) and I think the middle could have used a tad bit longer but the top was starting to burn. I would probably throw in some seeds too as many people suggested.

Pretty great with some Earth Balance margarine!

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