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  1. sphere charm pack baby quilt

    June 12, 2016 by Angie

    I finished my seventh quilt for my friend’s adorable, new baby boy. She’s a quilter too!

    Robbie holds up the completed quilt

    Robbie held the finished quilt up for this photo. Thanks, Robbie!

    I’d been holding on to the charm pack I used for a while. It’s Sphere by Moda. The fabrics are really modern and I thought they would be great for a gender neutral or boy baby quilt. I’ve been following Elizabeth Hartman’s quilting blog, Oh Fransson, since before I started quilting. I used her free charm pack quilt pattern I saw there.

    Quilt Stats

    Finished size: Approximately 33″ x 40″
    Quilt top fabrics: Moda Sphere charm pack and solid gray fabric (either Kona or Moda – I have tons of both)
    Quilt backing: Solid blue fabric from Keep Me in Stitches quilt shop in Tampa
    Binding fabric: Solid white fabric leftover from another project
    Batting: Warm & White
    Quilting: Dense, horizontal straight line quilting with the walking foot
    Label: Forthcoming!

    sewn into strips

     25 whole squares and 13 half squares sewn together to make the charm square strips

    Sookie hangs out

    Sookie likes to hang out with me in the new sewing room.

    completed top

     The charm strips sewn to the solid gray strips

    squared up quilt top

     Completed quilt top after squaring it up

    about to baste the quilt sandwich

    The backing fabric for this one was extra difficult. I finally got it taped down to the tile without wrinkles.

    peek at the back

    The completed quilt with a look at the back!

    I tried a new machine binding method. I sewed the binding to the front first, rolled the binding over to the back, clipped it down so that it extended past the sewing on the front side, then sewed from the front right at the inside edge of the binding. I’m happy with how it turned out and I think it will be sturdier than hand sewing the back, which is a really important consideration for a baby quilt. Next time I think I will cut the binding strips at 2″ instead of 2 1/2″ because the binding is longer than necessary on the back.

    with the baby beanie

    The finished quilt next to a crocheted baby beanie I also made.

  2. sounds of the woods wall hanging quilt kit

    March 20, 2016 by Angie

    I finally finished a quilt in the new house! It was my first time using a quilt kit. It’s a Robert Kaufman quilt kit called The Sounds of the Woods. This is the largest thing I’ve free motion quilted. I knew I’d be hanging it on the wall so it took a lot of pressure off of making sure the quilting on the back looks perfect – which is still my biggest issue with free motion quilting.

    with quilt hangers

    Robbie hung it in the dining room for me using handmade, wooden quilt hangers we found online.

    wall quilt

    Closeup of the free motion quilting. You can see I’m still getting the hang of making the stitches an even length.

    squared up quilt top

     The quilt top before making the quilt sandwich

  3. quilted Christmas coasters

    December 8, 2014 by Angie

    This is my second time making quilted coasters. The first time I made a binding for them like large quilted things. They were so tiny that the binding situation was a little ridiculous. This time I tried an inside out sewing method. I prefer the results from this method. Here is a tutorial that explains everything. I did the quilting first on just the top and batting, sewed the back on with right sides facing, turned right side out using a chopstick to get the corners just so, then top stitched around the edge. With a little starch and ironing, everything is crisp, flat, neat, and downright fancy.

    tied with a bow


    4 charm squares from A Merry Little Christmas by Riley Blake
    scraps of cherry yardage by Moda
    scraps of Warm & Natural batting

    Quilting: straight line diagonal quilting

    pick a coaster, any coaster

    Yield: four 4.5″ square quilted coasters

    four quilted coasters

    A Christmas gift for my friend who also appreciates ring-free wood furniture.

  4. Boo Crew Halloween quilted table runner

    October 17, 2014 by Angie

    I finished this just in time to put it in on the table on October 1 but I wanted to wait until our new IKEA table was built to take photos. We were on vacation in California after that. So I am sorry I didn’t bring the Halloween decor to the blog on time, but I have been enjoying my fully decorated house all month long.

    Boo Crew Table Runner Closeup

    Washed and dried and festive.

    I bought two Boo Crew by Moda charm packs and some yardage with plans to make a Halloween quilt for us, but even with all the charm squares and a border, it was going to be a really small quilt.  I decided to whip up a Halloween table runner using most of one pack instead. My plentiful Halloween decorations are now giving Christmas a run for its money.

    Sookie and the new table and runner

    Here’s a photo of our pretty new table with our new table runner and Sookie.

    Boo Crew Halloween Quilted Table Runner Stats

    Finished size: 39.75″ x 18″
    Top fabric: 36 Boo Crew by Moda charm pack squares
    Back fabric: The Monsters in Cream from the Boo Crew line by Moda
    Binding fabric: Fly Trap in Orange from the Boo Crew line by Moda
    Batting: Warm & White
    Quilting: Straight line quilting on either side of all seams

    quilting and binding

    A closeup of the binding and quilting

    with Halloween candle holders

    I love these goofy candle holders.

    quilting closeup

    Here is a closeup of the straight line quilting before binding and washing.

    backing fabric closeup

    This is the backing fabric. I think it’s so cute.

  5. quilted mini Christmas tree skirt

    August 24, 2014 by Angie

    I wanted to complete a quick project for our house before I started my new job. (That’s right! I have a new job!) I’ve seen quite a few quilted Christmas tree skirt patterns that I really like but, because we are doing tiny trees while Sookie is a tree-eating puppy, I didn’t want to go all out on a big, complicated tree skirt yet. I found and used this mini tree skirt tutorial from The Tulip Patch. It is really perfect for covering the base that comes with our small, live Christmas tree. I can’t wait to use it!

    Mini Xmas Tree Skirt

    Finished Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

    Peek at the back

    A peek at the cherry back – it’s reversible!

    Quilted Mini Christmas Tree Skirt Stats

    Finished size: roughly 22.5″ square
    Top fabric: Mini Novelty Christmas Cream Christmas Trees
    Back fabric: Bella Solids Cherry
    Binding fabric: Bella Solids Christmas Green
    Batting: Warm & White
    Quilting: Free motion quilting in a meandering pattern

    Ribbon Closeup

     A closeup of the ribbon and the mini trees fabric. I love this fabric.


  6. half square triangle chevron quilt

    July 21, 2014 by Angie

    Chevrons have been all the rage for some time now. I’ve made three small projects out of half square triangles (HSTs). They’re a relatively easy and versatile way to create quilt blocks. I couldn’t miss out on the (tail end of the) chevrons-made-from-HSTs trend so I made this quilt for my niece’s birthday. I followed this tutorial from My Quilt Infatuation to make the quilt top. I gave it to her a little early so I could see her with it in person. I’m glad I did.

    Caitlin displays her quilt

    Caitlin holding up her quilt. It’s bigger than she is!

    happy Caitlin

    Caitlin and the back of the quilt. I think she likes it 🙂

    Quilt Top Fabrics

    Kona Steel – twenty 9″ squares
    Ty Pennington Impressions Roscoe – four 9″ squares
    Ty Pennington Impressions Plaid –  four 9″ squares
    Pink polka dot fabric from the Lola’s Posies by Lila Tueller Designs collection for Riley Blake – twelve 9″ squares

    Sookie sniffs the chevron quilt

    Sookie checks the quilt out with a sniff sniff.

    Following the tutorial, the first step is to cut out forty 9″ squares of fabric to make 80 HSTs. Below is a photo of my big stack of fabrics.

    stack of 40 9" squares

    Step Two is to pair your fabrics (always a print with the solid gray) in the order you want for the final quilt. I made a diagram for myself then got to pairing.

    Step Three is to sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around each pair of squares. Face them right sides together, I pinned, then I used my quarter inch foot to sew all the way around. You’ll have to do this twenty times.

    sewn square pairs

    Step Four is to slice through each sewn fabric pair diagonally twice to get four HSTs from each fabric pair. Now there are 80 HSTs. The pattern is designed to allow you to skip squaring up each HST but mine were radically different from one another so see Step Five.

    unfinished half square triangles

    Step Five was supposed to be just pressing the HSTs then trimming off the little dog ear ends. Mine were not going to line up nicely so I ended up using the very handy HST ruler my parents got me for Christmas to make all eighty 5 1/2″ square HSTs. It took a lot longer than I would have liked, especially since it wasn’t supposed to have to happen at all.

    HST squaring station

    HST Squaring Station

    80 HSTs!

    Eighty beautiful HSTs!

    Step Six is to make sure you’ve got the HSTs laid out as they should appear in your final quilt then begin sewing them together in rows.

    a row

    Step Seven is to sew the rows together. Above are two rows ready to be sewn together. There’s a lot of seam pressing involved.

    sewing the rows to one another

     Coming together

    The quilt top is complete!

    chevron quilt top

    Finished quilt top

    Now to baste, quilt, and bind. I did straight line quilting that echoes the chevrons. There is a quilting line a 1/4″ below and above each chevron edge, so twenty lines total.


     Ready to bind

    Quilt Stats
    Finished size: 39.5″ x 50″
    Quilt top fabrics: Kona Steel, pink polka dot fabric from the Lola’s Posies by Lila Tueller Designs collection for Riley Blake, Ty Pennington Impressions Roscoe, Ty Pennington Impressions Plaid
    Quilt back fabric: Kona Steel
    Binding: Moda White Bleached
    Batting: Warm & White
    Quilting: straight line echo
    Label: handmade from Moda White Bleached and scraps of Ty Pennington Impressions Roscoe and Plaid

    closeup of the quilting

    A closeup of the quilting

    quilt back and label

    I added the label last this time by blind stitching it by hand just before washing the quilt. I think I made this label a little too large but overall I think I prefer this to the quilt over it method I used previously.

    Hot Florida Yard

    This is not the best photo of the quilt but I thought the sky looked nice.

  7. baby boy jelly roll jam quilt

    June 24, 2014 by Angie

    Quilt #4 is in the books! This is the “boy” baby quilt made with the other half of the Simply Style by V and Co. jelly roll. I love it just as much as the “girl” one, if not more. I know I’ve said it before but I’m crazy over this fabric line.

    boom, baby quilt

    Baby Boy Jelly Roll Jam Quilt

    slouchy quilt

     Slouchy quilt in the backyard

    My friends had an adorable baby boy the morning after I finished making this little quilt for him. Just like I did for this quilt’s more feminine counterpart, I used this tutorial on Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.’s blog. She created this fabric line I love so much for Moda. The jelly roll jam pattern was made by Fat Quarter Shop and can be found here. Fat Quarter Shop, where I happily buy most of my fabric, also made a very useful instructional video for this pattern.

    Strip Block Units

    The pattern starts with sewing together three 6 piece strip units. Next, the units are paired, some flipped around, to make nine quilt blocks in three configurations.

    Blocks A, B, & C

    Quilt blocks before sewing them together

    Baby Boy Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Top

     The nine quilt blocks are sewn together to make the quilt top.

    BLOOD, sweat, no tears this time

    BLOOD, a little sweat, but no tears this time.

    I’m trying to get in the habit of making labels for my quilts. I think it’s important for a keepsake quilt but it’s also kinda difficult to attach it in the correct spot so late in the quilting phase. I stabbed myself with a pin trying to stitch this one to the back of the quilt. I only tell you about it so you’ll think I’m tough. Full contact quilting. Don’t worry, I didn’t bleed on the quilt.

    The Quilt Stats

    Finished size: about 35″ x 35″
    Quilt top fabrics: 18 strips from Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda Jelly Roll
    Quilt back fabric: Bella Solids Graphite yardage
    Binding: Navy Blue Frames yardage from Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda
    Batting: Warm and White
    Quilt label: handmade from the jelly roll scraps and Bella Snow yardage
    Quilting: straight line quilting

    peek at the back of the quilt

     Peek at the quilt back

    Quilt back and label

    The quilt back with the label

    I straight line quilted this one just like its counterpart. I also used the same machine binding method for durability. I sewed the double fold binding to the back first, then flipped and pinned it to the front using my new Clover clips. I machine sewed it to the front, as well, being careful not to sew over the backside of the binding. I succeeded this time – no accidental stitches on the binding – hooray!

    Quilt #4

    This quilt was fun to make and I’m really happy with the end results. It worked out well to use this pattern and single jelly roll to make two identical quilts. The thorough instructions got me through the first one with barely any mishaps and doing a familiar pattern a second time let me focus on precision and improving new techniques. I already received a sweet thank you photo of the adorable baby recipient lounging on his quilt. Victory!

  8. two more tooth fairy pillows

    March 30, 2014 by Angie

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    Our friend liked the nautical theme tooth fairy pillow I made for Little D so much that she asked me to make one for each of her sons. I did everything the same except I swapped the nautical themed fabrics out for solid red and gray and used a gray with polka dot print for the letter appliqués.

    completed tooth fairy pillows

     Coordinating tooth fairy pillows in the window

    M's pillow in progress

     M’s pillow in progress – just before adding the envelope style back enclosure

    M's completed pillow

     M’s completed pillow

    JoJo's pillow

    J’s completed pillow

    She’s giving the pillows to her sons as Easter gifts. We all hope the tooth fairy doesn’t need to pay a visit to their house before then!

  9. nautical theme tooth fairy pillow

    March 18, 2014 by Angie

    Our four year old buddy is turning five next month. He is really into boats and pirates. His parents and grandma have been working on an awesome nautical theme room for him including a ship loft bed! I wanted to contribute with a matching pillow. I added a pocket with an appliquéd “D”  to the front that he can use to exchange teeth for money with the tooth fairy, once that time comes.

    tooth fairy pocket

    I sewed together four strips of fabric to create the front of the pillow. Then, I basted the pillow front, the batting, and the scrap backing fabric together and free motion quilted it.

    quilted pillow front

     Second time free motion quilting

    This was my first time doing appliqué so I carefully followed this great machine appliqué tutorial from Pile O’ Fabric. It was extremely helpful. I printed out an alphabet from there and traced the capital D onto some freezer paper. I ironed some Heat N Bond Lite onto the back of a piece of the sailboat fabric then ironed the freezer paper D to the front. I cut the D out carefully then removed the paper backing from the Heat N Bond and the freezer paper. I stuck the D onto the piece of white fabric that would become the pocket and ironed it on. After some practicing with my machine on scrap fabric, I machine appliquéd all around the letter then tidied it up by pulling the thread ends from the front to the back and tying them off.

    D applique

    D  before appliqué

    I made a lined pocket out of the white fabric. I sewed the two pieces (the one with the D appliqué and another the same size) right sides together leaving just a small space open. I turned the pocket out then top stitched it to the pillow top.

    D applique

     Pretty good for a first try!

    The last step was sewing the two hemmed backing pieces to the pillow by stitching all the way around. Turn it right side out, shove a 16 inch pillow form in there, and you’re ready for the tooth fairy!

    envelope pillow back

    Back of the pillow

    The Quilted Pillow Stats

    Finished size: for a 16″ pillow form
    Quilted pillow top fabrics: Coastal Mini Series Royal Sailboats, Barnegat Bay Blue Loop Rope, Barnegat Bay Red Loop Rope
    Batting: Warm and White
    Quilt back fabric: about 20″ x 20″ piece of scrap fabric (nobody will see it)
    Pocket fabric: Northcott Colorworks White Premium Solid
    “D” appliqué: Coastal Mini Series Royal Sailboats
    Pillow envelope backing: Barnegat Bay Loop Rope in Blue and Red

    Completed pillow!

    Completed pillow with the Florida winter in the background

  10. baby girl jelly roll jam quilt

    February 24, 2014 by Angie

    My third quilt ever is finished! It is my first baby sized quilt. I used half of one jelly roll (18 strips sized 2.5″ x 44″) for the entire quilt top. It went by quickly and was really fun. I’m really happy with the finished product, mostly because I am so in love with this line of fabric, Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda.

    completed quilt front

    The completed quilt! I wish I had bothered to make the bed and bust out my real camera for these photos. My apologies!

    completed quilt folded

    A folded quilt photo

    completed quilt back

    The back of the quilt with a label

    My cousin had a beautiful baby girl this month and I’d been dying to make a baby quilt so I made this one for her. I saw this tutorial for two adorable baby quilts (one for a girl and one for a boy) made from one jelly roll. I was smitten. This wonderful fabric is Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda. Vanessa Christenson, the creator of the fabric line, and I both followed this jelly roll jam quilt pattern and great YouTube instructional video put together by the owner of my favorite fabric shop, Fat Quarter Shop.

    Other side of V & Co. Jelly Roll

    The fabric that started it all!

    The first step of the Fat Quarter Shop jelly roll jam pattern is to select 18 strips you would like to use in your quilt. I used almost the same ones Vanessa Christenson chose. You divide them into three sets, making sure you like the arrangement. You then sew the six strips in each set to one another horizontally.

    ready to sew three strip sets

    After creating the three strip sets, you cut each one into six pieces, each measuring 6.5″ x 12.5″. I am still struggling to make perfect quarter inch seams on this machine, so my strip sets were a little short and I did have to do some squaring up along the way. Next, you make nine quilt blocks by sewing two strip set pieces together. Check the pattern to see who gets sewn to who and which ones get flipped over prior to the sewing. I squared up after this step too.

    Strip Set Blocks

    Some strip set blocks

    After that, you arrange the blocks according to the pattern, sew your rows horizontally, then sew the rows together. This is pretty painless as the quilt only consists of nine blocks.

    Completed Quilt Top

    The completed quilt top on my sewing table

    Completed quilt top laid out on the floor

    Here’s the completed quilt top again laid out on the floor

    Basting the quilt

    About to baste the three pieces together

    Quilting went very quickly. I copied Vanessa Christenson yet again with that. I did vertical straight line quilting throughout. I didn’t measure it but I would guess the lines are about an inch apart. I used my walking foot with a quilt guide.

    I stopped halfway through quilting to sew the label I made to the backing fabric only. This was my first time making a label and using a zigzag stitch so it took some time to get it right. I won’t show a closeup to protect the baby’s anonymity but I’m glad I added one because it makes it more of a keepsake gift. I just have to get a little better at it.

    I bound this quilt using a little less than a 1/2 yard of one of the pink prints from the fabric line. I machine bound both sides for the first time. I did this for durability since baby quilts tend to be washed a lot. It went pretty well for the first time and I think I learned from this how to machine bind the next baby quilt without any mistakes. I machine sewed double fold binding to the back first, then flipped it around to the front for better control.

    The Quilt Stats

    Finished size: about 35″ x 35″
    Quilt top fabrics: 18 strips from Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda Jelly Roll
    Quilt back fabric: Bella Solids Graphite yardage
    Binding: Honeysuckle Pink Eyelet yardage from Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda
    Batting: Warm and White

    fresh from the dryer

    Here’s a photo Robbie took of me being proud after pulling the quilt out of the dryer.