roasted vegetables and couscous

June 14, 2012 by Angie

Someone made this for a party I went to in 2006 and it was so good that I still remember it. I found what appears to be a very close recipe at one of my new favorite blogs, Budget Bytes. It’s an easy and delicious recipe that packs a ton of vegetables and flavor.

I used half of a yellow onion, a large zucchini, two yellow squash, an orange bell pepper, five cloves of garlic, and two small tomatoes. Here they are oiled, seasoned, and ready to spend the next 45 minutes roasting in the oven.

The key to making the couscous is to use vegetable broth, not water like the box instructs. It’s so much better that way. I followed the Budget Bytes recipe almost exactly except that I added some reduced fat feta cheese and parmesan to the finished salad and used dried parsley instead of fresh. The cheese was good in there but the couscous is so flavorful already that it’s not necessary.

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