is 1 Year Old!

February 13, 2013 by Angie turned 1 year old on February 5! I have to say it feels like a lot more than a year. There were 116 total blog posts and 47 legitimate comments, as well as 90 trillion Brazilian bot comments I’ve chosen to keep to myself.

I’m proud to say I successfully completed Reddit’s 52 Weeks of Baking Challenge 2012. It’s so satisfying to see that “(52)” next to the 52 Weeks of Baking category on the side of the blog. I also blogged my way through slowly learning to quilt starting with three quilted pillow projects. Lastly, we did a fair amount of traveling with Savannah, GA, Key West, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Denver/Boulder/Rocky Mountain National Park, CO being our biggest trips.

Now for Year Two! I’m working on my first quilt. I’m at the basting stage then on to quilting and then my first binding adventure. I’m so looking forward to it because it means I get to use my brand new sewing machine! Meet my Janome MS5027PR.

Janome MS5027PROf course I have plans to keep cooking and baking but the biggest news for Year Two all stems from our new house. We’re just renting but having two spare bedrooms, a backyard, and a garage gives us so much more room for activities!

Room for Activities

The extra bedroom means I get to have a dedicated sewing room. The garage with a spare refrigerator means we’re going to brew some beer. And the best part! The fenced yard means we got a puppy!!! Meet our bitey little lab mix, Sookie.

Sookie Adoption Announcement

 Sookie’s adoption announcement. We think her real birthday is 12/10/12.

pretty sookie

Sookie lounging in the yard on her second day home.

sick sookie

Sookie at about 6.5 weeks with pneumonia 🙁

Sookie likes to dig

Sookie digging in her yard at almost 9 weeks old.

Sookie with rugs

Sookie “organizing” our rugs at 9 weeks old.

She’s obviously the most adorable puppy of all time and the love of our lives. I must say, though, raising her is one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks I’ve undertaken to date because she LOVES to bite my hands and feet. I’ve read it’s a puppy thing and a lab thing but let’s just say I cannot wait for puppy kindergarten to start in March!


  1. danielle says:

    Sookie is the best news. So glad you finally got a dog. Yay!

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