’s 2nd Birthday!

February 5, 2014 by Angie

Today is’s second birthday! I don’t have too much to say about it really but I thought it would be wrong to not acknowledge its birth at all.

I guess I will tell you what I’m working on. I was on a crocheting streak in January. I crocheted four hats and started on a scarf which I hope to finish before it gets cold again. I was promised at least one more cold day this “winter”. My quilting goal for this year is to complete two quilted tooth fairy pillows (for my two favorite almost-five-year-old boys) and four quilts. I have one baby girl quilt top that I’m pretty sure I can finish today. I hope to have it washed and ready to ship by the end of the month. I’ve got all of the blocks completed (but not yet sewn together into a quilt top) for my niece’s large lap sized quilt. I will be giving that to her when I see her this summer so that one is hibernating for a while. I plan to do a second baby quilt for a boy using the same pattern and line of fabrics as the baby girl one. I bought a jelly roll and have a pattern that makes two baby quilts with one jelly roll: one for a girl and one for a boy. The baby girl quilt uses more pink and purple fabrics and the baby boy quilt is more blue and green.

The fourth quilt I think will be larger and I’ll keep it for us. I haven’t decided on a pattern or fabrics yet but here are some quilt ideas that are in the running.

1) A giant log cabin quilt kinda like this one but bigger and more adult looking – no polka dots.

2) A giant star quilt.

3) The Easy as Pie Layer Cake Quilt

4) Or maybe one like this with four patch blocks and pinwheel blocks and pretty white sashing.

I think ideas 3 & 4 would make beautiful Christmas quilts but I’ve already done one of those so I might make myself wait until next year to do another one.

I’m still cooking a lot, but baking less. I haven’t cooked many new things but when I do I post them. I’m going to make brownies from a box but bake them vegan-style for Valentine’s Day so there’s that on the horizon at least!

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