Savannah, GA

February 6, 2012 by Angie

Cute Husband got an unexpected extra day off around his birthday in early January.  We took advantage of the long weekend and drove to Savannah, GA to celebrate.

On our way through town we stopped for lunch at the Green Truck Neighborhood Pub.  I’d read good things online and their menu promised a veggie burger.  It was a nice little place and Robbie enjoyed his beer.  If you know anything about Robbie, you know he is particular about his beer, so kudos to them.  The food, however, was underwhelming.  The veggie burger we came for had nuts in it so I could not partake since I’d rather not start my tour of Savannah in the ER.  Robbie ordered it and said it was meh.  Because I couldn’t get the burger I was left with a grilled cheese.  Also meh.

After lunch we headed to our hotel in the historic district, the Marshall House.  The Marshall House first opened in 1851.  It is so pretty and charming.  It’s also a tad spooky.  It has beautiful, ancient wood flooring that creaks like crazy.  I swear one of the planks in our room must continue out onto the stairwell because when people walked on the stairs it sounded like there was someone walking out of our bathroom.  It probably didn’t help that I knew the building was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War.  It was so cute, the price was good, and the location was phenomenal.  And since ghosts don’t exist, we’d definitely stay there again.

Our room was so cute!

Old timey bathroom.

A modern amenity.

The first order of business was to take a walk down to River Street to see the water and the bridge.  The Talmadge Memorial Bridge is a fine bridge.

Panoramic photo taken on Robbie’s phone.

Some River Street shops.

After walking around River Street a bit, we walked over to the Moon River Brewing Company.  This restaurant brewery became our home away from home during this trip.  We never did eat there but we came by at least three times for drinks.  Robbie loved their Swamp Fox IPA brewed right on the premises.  We happened to be there for the 6:00 pm Friday toast tradition.  The owner told some jokes and ended the toast with their mantra “Shut up and drink your beer!”.

Cute Husband enjoying a Swamp Fox IPA

Fermentation tanks at Moon River Brewing Company

For dinner, we got some slices to go from the very crowded Vinnie Van Go Go on West Bryan Street.  There were approximately five billion people in and around this place hoping for some pizza and they were doling it out fast.  We didn’t have to wait long before we had two giant slices of pizza which we ate on a bench nearby.  So good!

Tossing pizza dough at Vinnie Van Go Go.

We ended our first night in Savannah at Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub.  It has good ambience and the bartender was really nice.  We walked by many bars looking for a quiet place to chat with our Savannah friends and this was the one laid-back bar we came across.

Now for the highlights of Day 2.  As a child, my dad briefly lived with his parents on a Coast Guard base on Tybee Island near Savannah where there is a lighthouse.  We thought it’d be cool to see this so we took a drive over and took some pictures of the lighthouse.  Dad lived in one of those tiny houses right near it.

Tybee Island Light House

For lunch, we had AMAZING tiger tofu tacos at Kayak Kafe right down the street from our hotel.  Damn, those tacos were good.  The tacos were a special but they have several vegetarian options on their regular menu.  Cute Husband had a tasty IPA on draft there as well.

We walked around the historic district a lot and did some shopping.  We stopped at the Six Pence Pub which is an awesomely decorated British pub with a real British phone booth outside!  Unfortunately, the beer selection was not great and when we ordered chips (hoping for fries because weren’t we in the mini-UK?) we got a plate of stale potato chips from a giant bag that somebody neglected to Chip Clip.

Six Pence Pub

We got some drinks to go and walked around some more.  That’s right, folks.  We got drinks to go.  You may legally drink in the streets in Savannah provided you keep your beverage in a plastic cup, hold only one 16 oz cup at a time, and are not obviously or belligerently wasted.  If that’s not reason enough to make a trip there, I don’t know what is.

IPA on the streets of Savannah.

Proud of my Cuba Libre.

Later on we tried out the Distillery.  They boast they have over 21 rotating craft beers on draft.  Cute Husband was not disappointed.  They also have a full bar and a restaurant.  We tried the nachos which were not normal nachos.  They had a thick cheese sauce on them that was not great.  We looked over their menu and it seemed to pretty much all be heart attack bar food which isn’t really our thing.  They weren’t lying about the beer selection though!  Our waitress was really nice. Overall, it is a great place to drink.

On our last full day in Savannah we walked to Forsyth Park.  It was a warm, sunny day and it seemed everyone was outside taking advantage of it.

At the edge of the park we had lunch at the Sentient Bean.  Lots of vegan and vegetarian options at this hipster-run coffee shop.  The woman who took our order was really nice and knew all the details of the menu.  I was confident I wouldn’t be poisoned with allergens there which is not often true at that kind of restaurant.  I got the BBQ tofu wrap.  Amazing.

For dinner that night we went to Saigon right across the corner from our hotel.  We had some nice wine, I got the Masaman curry with fried tofu, and Robbie got the tofu fried rice.  These are dear favorites of ours and can be hard to find so we were quite pleased.

Masaman Curry at Saigon

Tofu fried rice.  What a treat!

Finishing off the wine.

For our last night on the town we met up with a friend at Churchill’s.  It’s a British pub with a beautiful wood bar.  They had some great beers on tap (Fresh Hop and Lagunitas Sucks), a full bar, and a really cool rooftop terrace.

On our way out of town, we made one last stop at Habersham Beverage Warehouse.  The staff there are very nice and helpful and they have an impressive selection.  Robbie filled up the trunk of the Prius with provisions to take back home.

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