strawberry daiquiri

March 26, 2013 by Angie

Who doesn’t love a strawberry daiquiri? I allow myself one frou-frou drink per vacation and I almost always choose a strawberry daiquiri. The problem with ordering one out at a bar or making one at home with a store-bought mix is the insane amount of sugar. I used a single serving version of this recipe from The Kitchn to enjoy a no sugar added fancy schmancy tropical drink at home.

first try strawberry daiquiri

 Here is one I made last Independence Day. Delicious!

strawberry daiquiri

 Robbie made this one for me last night – I’m the luckiest wife ever.

As always, I can’t endorse the use of the hand blender enough. There is way less sticky strawberry cleanup using the hand blender and the measuring/blending cup that came with it.

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