swift gift hat

October 4, 2012 by Angie

The first presidential debate was last night. I knew I would be parking in front of CNN right after dinner and staying there for several hours so I started this crochet project to work on while I watched with Robbie. I finished this cute little hat before the debate was over!

I’m really psyched about it because my last few hats were pretty much failures. After several years of churning out and gifting well-loved, great-fitting hats, I started having serious problems with size/fit. Determined to get my crocheted hat groove back, I did some reading online and realized that in the eight or so years that I’ve been crocheting I have¬†completely ignored the importance of yarn weight and selecting the hook recommended for that particular type of yarn. Oh, and I wasn’t using a hat pattern. Knowing is half the battle! Did I know this once then forget or was I just lucky with the successful hats?

See? It fits!

If I gave you a way too big or very tiny, ear-smushhing hat in the past few years, I apologize. I’m armed with yarn knowledge and ready to make you a properly fitting one – just ask!

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