Thanksgiving table runner

November 6, 2012 by Angie

I believe in giving Thanksgiving its due. It’s a fine holiday in its own right and deserves to flourish gloriously through the bulk of November without worrying about how it compares to the Elvis Presley of holidays coming up next month. I’ll admit that Christmas decorating is the most fun but I always save it until the day after Thanksgiving – none of this Halloween then right to Christmas business. I’ve got a decent collection of Halloween decorations going and, depending on who you ask (Robbie), more than enough for Christmas, but all I really had for Thanksgiving are these cute autumn owl salt and pepper shakers my parents gave us. In an effort to give Thanksgiving adequate representation in our little apartment I made this table runner for our kitchen/dining room table.

I had a yard and a half (I think) of pretty, brown, printed fabric from the local fabric store Keep Me In Stitches and I bought a charm pack of Give Thanks fabrics by Deb Strain for Moda on I loosely followed this tutorial. I wanted a long table runner that would hang over each end of the table so I cut my brown fabric in half lengthwise then sewed it together to get a long, skinny piece of fabric. Then I hemmed the short edges along the width. Next I went through my charm pack and decided on seven stacks of four fabrics that looked nice together. I sewed each stack of four together vertically with 1/4″ seams. I had the chance to try out the chain piecing technique and it really helped move things along quickly.

Look Ma, I’m chain piecing!

After the charm pack stacks were sewn, I pressed the edges along both long sides to make about a 1/2″ hem then pinned them 11″ apart onto the long brown fabric. After that I just had to sew the seven rows down then hem the long sides of the runner.

Pinned charm pack stacks

Table runner on the table! Poor table could use a coat of paint :/

The runner is nice and long hanging over both edges.

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