vegetable enchiladas

May 12, 2013 by Angie

My parents came to visit for Mother’s Day weekend and to see our new house. I got the chance to cook a few meals for them in my luxurious new kitchen including this new-to-me recipe for vegetable enchiladas. I used this recipe from Recipe Girl which is adapted from a Martha Stewart recipe. The enchiladas are filled with yummy cheese, green onion, spinach, corn, and black beans. It calls for making the enchilada sauce from scratch which I highly endorse as it was infinitely better than the canned sauces I’ve eaten.

small pan of enchiladas

I used a different brand of tortillas than the author suggested. They are low-carb and high fiber tortillas that come twelve in the package instead of the recommended sixteen. I used up all the enchilada stuffing with just twelve anyway so it worked out. I needed a second glass pan because I couldn’t fit them all in my “lasagna” pan. Aside from using different tortillas, the only other changes I made were to use reduced fat shredded Mexican cheese and to half the amount of corn (Robbie is not a fan of corn).

serving of vegetable enchilads

The vegetable enchiladas were a hit! I’m not usually that into enchiladas but I really enjoyed these. Robbie and my parents really liked them too and I don’t think they were just being nice because my dad had seconds and Robbie said these are definitely worth making again.

cheesy inside

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