We Love Sookie cross stitch

August 7, 2013 by Angie

I didn’t find cross stitch all that enjoyable when completing my first project. I spent most of the time struggling with knots in the floss. I keep seeing so many adorable cross stitch patterns and I like to have a small, portable project for long car rides or to work on when I only have a few minutes so I decided to give cross stitch another chance. It was a lot less frustrating this time! Here it is, an homage to our labrador mix puppy, Sookie.

framed cross stitch

Here are two photos I just took of Sookie in the yard, for comparison and because I want everyone to look at my sweet baby dog.

Sookie Lizard Border

I googled “labrador cross stitch patterns” and this one from fab.com was by far the cutest. I didn’t need an entire cross stitch kit so I transferred the design to 14 count graph paper (I got here) by counting the stitches to make a pattern. I also moved the heart from the booty area to the chest. I was going to put her name underneath but decided it looked better without it.

Sookie cross stitch pattern

Cross stitch pattern

completed cross stitch

Here it is completed, ironed, and ready to be framed. I used this method from Instructables.com. I used the thin piece of cardboard that came inside the frame and sewed the edges of the cross stitch fabric together around that.

closeup cross stitch

A closeup.

I’m so happy with the results that I’m planning more projects. I bought two tiny hoops for Christmas ornaments and have a favorite Don Draper quote in the works as well.


  1. Ellen says:

    I was googling… spock cross stitch, and this showed up in the image results…. not Spock but super cute! I think this might be my next project when I’m done with my Spock projects. I have a lab cross too.

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