March, 2013

  1. strawberry daiquiri

    March 26, 2013 by Angie

    Who doesn’t love a strawberry daiquiri? I allow myself one frou-frou drink per vacation and I almost always choose a strawberry daiquiri. The problem with ordering one out at a bar or making one at home with a store-bought mix is the insane amount of sugar. I used a single serving version of this recipe from The Kitchn to enjoy a no sugar added fancy schmancy tropical drink at home.

    first try strawberry daiquiri

     Here is one I made last Independence Day. Delicious!

    strawberry daiquiri

     Robbie made this one for me last night – I’m the luckiest wife ever.

    As always, I can’t endorse the use of the hand blender enough. There is way less sticky strawberry cleanup using the hand blender and the measuring/blending cup that came with it.

  2. vodka gimlet

    March 24, 2013 by Angie

    Mad Men is back in two weeks! I’m preparing by enjoying a new cocktail from the Mad Men Cocktail Guide. The vodka gimlet is a simple drink – vodka and lime juice with some lime wedges and ice cubes.

    Tito's Vodka Gimlet

    It’s tangy and tasty and there’s no added sugar! I made it with my favorite vodka, Tito’s Handmade Vodka from Austin, TX.

    gimlet supplies


  3. craft room

    March 23, 2013 by Angie

    The craft room is (pretty much) ready! It’s a small room and the lighting is wonky so I really struggled to get photos that do it justice. Here it is!

    view from the dorr

     This is the view from the doorway. My quilting table is against the left wall with my cabinet full of supplies and yarn behind it.

    from the door

     The ironing board with my current work in progress is to the right.

    supplies & yarn

     A better shot of the supplies cabinet with my rulers and cutting mat leaning against it.

    quilting table

    Here is my quilting table and shiny new sewing machine! My parents got the table for me for my birthday and Robbie helped me (read: did almost everything himself) put it together. Thanks, family!

    fabric & books

    This photo is taken from the back of the room in front of the window. You can see my fabric stash on my old baker’s rack, the closet where my scrapbooking supplies are stored (and clothes and a bunch of other junk I didn’t feel was worthy of a photo), and one of our bookshelves holding an ancient tv. Behind the ironing board is the “exercise corner” with the good ol’ elliptical machine.

    fabric stash & machine cover

    A closeup of my fabric stash.

    I’ve been working on my first quilt in the craft room and moving things around to fit the work space as I go. Everything is pretty functional so far but I think I need some art on the walls and probably a brighter lamp for cutting fabric on overcast days.

  4. buttery chick’n

    March 22, 2013 by Angie

    We’ve been taking Sookie to puppy kindergarten classes at 7:30 on Thursdays which means dinnertime is all crazy for seven weeks. I made sloppy lentils in the slow cooker last week and that worked out really well. I wanted to try something new for the slow cooker this week so I made buttery chick’n from The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester. It’s an Indian/Middle Eastern flavored tofu dish with a tomato sauce seasoned with garam masala, cumin, and turmeric.

    Buttery Chick'n

    It’s a lot like another recipe I used to make often in college in a wok called spiced tofu from Bobbi Hinman’s totally fantastic cookbook The Vegetarian Gourmet’s Easy International Recipes. Both recipes are delicious. I want to make and blog the spiced tofu soon to compare since it’s been a long time.

    Buttery Chick'n Closeup

    We ate it with saltines because we’re not big rice people. Robbie is kinda picky about “weird” spices but he got seconds. Definitely a keeper!

  5. potato leek soup

    March 1, 2013 by Angie

    Our new puppy has been keeping me really busy. I’ve been doing a fair amount of cooking at the new house but sticking to old favorites I know I can make quickly. Last night I branched out and made potato leek soup for the first time.

    Potato Leek Soup

    I used this recipe from the Vegetarian Times. It was my first time using leeks so I was glad the Internet is full of cooking websites happy to instruct me in the proper cleaning and cutting of leeks.

    Robbie and I really liked this rich, creamy soup. It wasn’t difficult to make so I would definitely make it again. I used nearly three medium potatoes, skipped the lemon, added some ground pepper, and ended up using about 3 3/4 cups of vegetable broth total. I continue to be a huge proponent of the hand blender which I used here and, I believe, made the recipe infinitely easier.